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Processing hardware accessories used in metal working fluids

  Different metal machining way to metalworking fluids have different requirements, the following is the automotive industry machining methods on several major metalworking fluid requirements:
????(1) Drilling and reaming
????Both processing methods for lubrication and cooling performance metalworking fluids are high, generally choose a better lubricating properties of semi-synthetic metalworking fluids containing extreme pressure additive type, not only to ensure its lubricating properties may also provide good cooling performance. Especially when using MAPAL reamer machining of hard materials, we must use good lubrication performance metalworking fluids to ensure the surface accuracy of reaming.
????(2) turning and milling
????For general machining of steel and cast iron materials, cutting the processing approach is generally faster, more heat is generated, the need for adequate cooling, you can use the emulsifying classes and types of semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. If my company's RISSSOIL SE226 type of semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. Lubricating materials for processing high performance requirements of steel and aluminum materials, RISSSOIL SE204 semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.
????(3) Grinding
????Grinding faster, higher for metalworking fluid cooling and lubricating performance requirements. When grinding must reduce the friction between the abrasive surface and the contact surface area, thereby reducing the temperature of the grinding surface, which requires metalworking fluids provide good lubrication performance, accompanied by a large flow of flushing away metalworking fluids heat to meet the requirements of precision grinding. For grinding choose metalworking fluids, relatively complex, we need to consider more factors, such as the workpiece material, wheel material, grinding method, cutting parameters. For grinding, the actual machining situation, RISSSOIL SY304 fully synthetic metalworking fluid is a good choice.
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