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Analyze future market metal stamping parts

  Metal stamping parts has become a rich future hardware market opportunities, recent actions of individual enterprises, triggering the following thought:
  With automatic lathe market competition intensifies further, most hardware factory in production, its industrial chain profit margins are in various stages of compression, the price is decreasing. After the price increase, metal plant increased production costs, rely on their own digestion, difficult to pass downstream, hardware factory profit margins are further squeezed. Industry chain development of the vicious cycle leading to numerous hardware factory recognized that, in order to develop long-term, good market, we must re-select a new battlefield. While price   competition alone can not establish the direction of the core competitiveness, not the long-term development effort to explore a new path of development. Improve their own products while strengthening technological innovation and quality. Establishment of a new main line of business approach to ensure sustainable development of enterprises.
????At the same time, a considerable part of the city, as sales to markets, not only the number of ones, quality is not high, and more for integrated, there is no professional characteristics and dislocation management, its resulting increased competition, development is restricted, reshuffle inevitable; for the few origin-based, national-type and has international professional market, we are very optimistic that this is a local market into the global market, the most active, the most viable cells, these specialized market is not only large market space, but also with local industry has a good combination of efforts to support the local government is much larger than the other types of professional markets.
????Metal stamping parts industry cluster in addition to its industrial area, in the development of other areas, we can see that now line the city's development is fairly mature, no matter which generation market will have the appropriate scale of operation. But relatively speaking, the second, the development of third-tier cities still lacking. Over the next three to five years, with the deepening of urban planning, I believe will drive two, three cities hardware channel development. If you want to develop enterprise agents, may wish to study the world of tools, hurriedly set up their own stores. It might be a good way to make a fortune.
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