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Some tests on metal stamping parts

  Hardness testing of metal stamping parts of Rockwell hardness. Small, stampings with complex shapes can be used to test the plane is very small, it can not be detected on a normal desktop Rockwell hardness.
??? Stamping parts processing including punching, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. Materials stamping parts mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (cold-rolled-based) metal strip material, such as carbon steel, alloy steel plate, spring steel, galvanized sheet, tin plate, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy panels, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates.
??? PHP Series Portable Superficial Rockwell hardness tester is suitable for testing the hardness of these stampings. Metal stamping parts are metal processing, machinery manufacturing the most commonly used parts. Stamping process is the use of a mold of the metal strip forming separation occurs or processing methods. Very broad range of applications.
??? Stamping material hardness testing, its main purpose is to determine the extent of sheet metal annealing purchased if suitable for stamping parts will be subsequently carried out, different kinds of stamping process, require different levels of hardness plate. Aluminum alloy plate for stamping parts available Webster hardness testing, the material thickness is greater than 13mm can switch to Barcol, pure aluminum or aluminum alloy plate of low hardness Barcol should adopt.
??? In the stamping industry, such as Chong Hing Hardware Products Factory presentation sometimes also called stamping sheet metal forming, but slightly different. Refers to the so-called sheet molding plate, thin-walled tubes, thin profiles, such as raw materials for molding plastic working collectively referred to as sheet metal forming, at this time, the direction of deformation of the slab is generally not important consideration.
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