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Select the punch should be noted that the problem

  Scientific and technological progress, with the development of the times, people's demand for the product is no longer a small amount of customization, but the bulk of purchases, products of mass production has become a necessity, as an efficient high-speed presses, high precision automatic stamping equipment, high-speed presses and precision metal molds, feeding, receipts and other equipment to open a production line is widely used in motor rotor, EI sheet, communications connector, zip, precision terminal shrapnel and other electronic components. It is indispensable to modern industrial production equipment. High-speed presses born in the 1950s, and with the development of computer technology and the rapid growth, which greatly promoted the development of industrialized countries in the world. China's industrialization started late, but through the introduction, imitation and self-development, but it is the starting point higher, to 21 century scale. How to become a problem for high-speed presses companies must consider.
????According to incomplete statistics, the domestic manufacturers of high-speed punch no less than 100 dazzling no choice. So, what should be from what aspects, ensure a reliable, high-speed presses suitable brand? After many years of Chinese stamping industry analysis to understand, I think it should focus on the following:
????First, based on their own product, look at the industry direction. Buyers of their products must first have a full understanding, recognize their accuracy, quality and speed requirements, if necessary. Then the status of the industry objectively reasonable anticipation. Otherwise, when the entire industry with the production of high-end punch, but you have to save the cost of production and the introduction of low-end brands, with predictable results. Again, your products already on the presses do not ask, and are difficult to change in the foreseeable future, but you bought a brand of high-end punch, but also inappropriate.
????Second, the brand positioning punch, delineation of the area. You want to buy in Europe and America, Japan, Taiwan, or Chinese mainland it? Europe in general, the quality of Japan's best punch brand, but the price may be more than five times the price of Chinese brands. Taiwan industry started late, but still can not compared with the above countries, a good brand prices generally will be 1.5 times the price of domestic brands to 3 times. In fact, foreign high-speed punch is not all high standards of quality in their country too good and bad, but can spread to China, it is one of the best, relatively speaking.
????Third, the reputation of the industry is an important basis. Whether traditional advertising, or new media, or is glib sales staff, a brand of quality and service in the end how, only users know. According to advertising planning theory, every customer a product of experience, whether it is good or bad, he will tell at least thirty people or more. When you are ready to buy high-speed presses, it might go from friends and colleagues to explore some of the messages, let them give you some advice. Depending on your product positioning, quality requirements, and prices are expected to make judgments and choices.
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