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Market development of high-speed presses

  With productivity growing faster now, increasingly high demand, an important change China's high-speed presses produce market. Compared with the traditional basic concepts and techniques based on low-speed press, high-speed punch from the technical aspects, such as speed and accuracy is improved, high-speed presses are increasingly accepted by the market, the development of high-speed presses has become an inevitable!
????Currently, high-speed presses market, the market has become the world's most active perforation. This is because the demand for large-scale manufacturing, plus there is a very large demand for high-speed punch. Since 2011, China's high-speed punch bought the world for several years, at the same time, high-speed presses production continues to rise. At the same time, China is the world's largest import market, high-speed presses. Some well-known manufacturer of high-speed presses producer concerned China. Market development of high-speed presses very promising prospects.
  The main direction of development of high-speed stamping parts processing, in recent years, high-speed punch punching manufacturing technology advances rapidly developing high-speed, high-speed presses, not only in the traditional dramatic improvement, stamping parts of the low-speed automatic feed feeder feeding artificial feed, play hole machine production technology into a new realm. From an economic point of view, the current control system, feeder, high-speed presses and other auto parts prices are more expensive at the same time, the standard mold, led the entire high-speed drilling machine price rise, changes in the market, the development of production The high-speed presses, high-profile, high performance.
????High-speed presses is the product of industrialization and development, and with the advent of the industrial age and over 4.0 Gap and, at the same time the user is required of it will become increasingly high, especially on the applicability and efficiency. High-speed presses is indeed inevitable development of the market, but now a lot of the world's high-speed presses manufacturers, most of them are good and bad, then how to choose a suitable new issue their own high-speed presses has become many enterprises are facing.
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