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Punch the types and characteristics

  Today the production of punch application is extremely broad, commonly used in electronics, household appliances, furniture, communications, computers, vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles) metal parts stamping and forming, you know the punch of a specific classification and characteristics of it?
????First, according to slider driving force:
????. a hydraulic presses (hydraulic and hydraulic type): At present, most are hydraulic; a small part of a large, special machinery used hydraulic type.
????b Mechanical Presses: sheet metal stamping and punching the majority are using a mechanical punch.
????Second, according to the slider drive mechanism:
????a toggle presses: speed slider near the bottom dead center becomes slow (compared to crank press) unique slide motion curve. And be able to correctly determine the location of the stroke to the lower dead point, more suitable for coining and finishing such as compression processing, cold forging using currently is the largest.
????b crank Presses: Features crank mechanism has a simple production, can decide slide motion curve and stroke end position is correct, widely used, so most of the punch is the crankshaft again.
????c no crank Presses (Eccentric Gear Presses): The advantage is that the shaft has a rigid, smooth, appearance, maintenance and other aspects of superior crank type.
????d friction punch: use in bending, forming, stretching, etc. processing, with the versatility of the function, because of low prices, has been widely used. The most suitable forging, crushing operations. Because they can not determine the position of the lower end of the trip, machining accuracy is not high, low productivity, control operating time will not produce overload, the drawback of requiring skilled technology, has been gradually phased out.
????e-link punch: The purpose of the link mechanism, in the extension of the process will stretch to keep within speed limits, and shorten the processing cycle, by reducing the speed of extension of the process of change, to accelerate the process from the dead point to the starting point Return trip with the supremacy of the proximity of the dead from the lower dead point stroke speed, so there is less of the punch cycle, in order to improve production efficiency. Since it was dark for an extension of the cylindrical containers, beds narrow table, is also being used in the manufacture of automotive body panel.
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