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Metal stamping die maintenance essentials

  Continuous mold maintenance, must be done carefully, patiently, step by step, should not blindly engage. Accompanied by a material with time due to failure repair mode, so that the query problem. Open mold, to take care of tape, check the mold situation, confirm the cause of the fault, identify the problems, and then clean up the mold, form removal before proceeding. When Chaimo force should be uniform, for the discharge of the spring between the fixed plate and stripper plate and the mold structure including a top direct discharge spring guide post, the stripper plate disassembly to ensure balanced the stripper plate pop, tilt stripper plate is likely to lead to fracture the mold punch.
????1. Maintenance punch
????Removing mold punch and die should pay attention to the existing situation, in order to facilitate the subsequent recovery loading mode, there are padded or shifted to carve thickness gasket on the parts and make a record. Replace the punch insert to try unloading block die is smooth, and try to plug the gap is uniform and die, the die must try to replace the plug with a punch gap is uniform. For grinding punch kyphosis mold shorter length padded pads need to achieve the required effective length should check whether enough punch. Replace broken punch to identify the cause, at the same time to check the corresponding die if there is chipping, grinding edge if required. To check whether the punch assembly clearance between the punch and fixed-block or fixed plate sufficiently compact to check whether there is activity left margin. Should be placed in the die assembly level, then flat iron set with copper as the die surface to tap in place, must not be tilted strongly typed at the bottom of the die to be chamfered. Installed after the die surface to check whether the mold surface level. Punch die and mold core assembly after the completion of the care to bring to make the necessary checks, all parts are installed wrong or installed backwards, checking the die and the die pad is installed backwards, blanking holes are blocked, the need for new replacement parts steal the material, the material needs to steal the adequacy mold needs locking parts are locked. Note that doing stripper plate locking screw confirmation should lock from the inside to the outside, forced to pay the balance * lock, the lock can not be another one screw and tighten the screws to avoid stripper plate tilt cause punch fracture or mold precision.
????2. Maintenance stripper plate
????Removal stripper plate can be balanced with two screwdriver to pry, and then hands the balance so that the force removed. When the case difficult to remove, you should check whether the clean up mold, whether locking screw all the demolition, should the card material shadow from mold damage, identify the reasons to do the appropriate treatment, disposal must not blind. The first punch and stripper plate to clean when assembled stripper plate clean, and the punch guide post office plus imported oil, will put its smooth, then hands pressed into place, and repeated several times. Should identify the reasons for such tight (guide post and guide sleeve guide is normal, whether there is damage all parts of the new-for-punch can be smoothly through the stripper plate position is correct), to identify the reasons to do accordingly. Fixed board has compact discharge back to check on the adequacy of stolen material. Material of contact surface between the die and the stripper plate, the time stamping indentation (between the stripper plate and the die gap material content is generally reduced material thickness 0.03-0.05mm, when indentation serious, will affect the pressed material precision, resulting in product size abnormalities, instability, the need for unloading and unloading insert plate for repair or re-grinding. high precision sleeve should be checked when it does not lead to high discharge board tilt, its precision oriented, steady urging function will be destroyed, must be maintained
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